If you have a question about your ticket order, please reply to your order confirmation.

Please read the frequently asked questions below.

If you didn't receive your order confirmation or have another question, contact us here!


1) When will I receive my tickets in the mail?

A: All tickets are will-call only, meaning you collect them at the event. Nothing is mailed to you. Please print your order confirmation and bring it with you to the event.

2) What if I bought the tickets with a parents name but they won't be accompanying me to the event?

A: That is fine, please reply to your order confirmation and we will change the will-call name to your own.

3) How can I obtain a refund?

A: All purchases are final. The only exception in which refunds will be granted are cancelled or postponed events and fradulent purchases.

4) How can I find the venue box office / will call office at the show?

A: Each venue is different and therefore has a different location for their box office. It is typically at the front of the venue and labeled. When in doubt, consult a member of the venue staff.

5) I was late and missed the meet & greet or had some sort of issue with the event. What can I do?

A: JXR Ticketing is not responsible for event time changes, schedule delays or the production and execution of the artists meet & greet or show. Any issues should be directed to the artist and their respective management.